Thursday, August 8, 2013

Leah's 1st State Fair


I’m still working on a lot of backed posts and updates (Vacation, Vacation video, Father’s Day, Leah’s 7 month post, Our Anniversary, etc. etc. etc.) but I was too excited to share these photos from Leah’s first trip to the Indiana State Fair! David was on call yesterday and ended up not having any emergency patients so we were able to spend the day as a family. Leah and I love when we get to spend our weekdays with daddy!

Growing up I had never been a huge fan of the fair and probably hadn’t been since I was seven up until last year. One of my best friends insisted that our group of friends go and I’m so happy she did! We all had the best time eating entirely too much and making great memories. From that day on I became a fan of the fair :)

This year David and I were excited to take Leah. She loves animals and being around a lot of people so what better place than the fair?! We were going to take the train but decided last minute that we would wait until next year when she is older and can enjoy it. These are the little things that make me all giddy inside! Thinking of all the fun things that we get to look forward to! I especially can’t wait to take her on the Polar Express train this Christmas, not to mention all the other fun festivities that come along with Halloween and Christmas!

Okay, back to our day at the fair

We had the best time! Leah loved all the people and was so focused on everything that was happening around her. She loved the animals, especially the goats. She would look up at them with a big smile and would sequel out of excitement. David said that moment alone made the whole trip worth it and I couldn’t have agreed more :)


We had the best time walking, eating, seeing the animals, and spending quality time as a family. I love my little family so much and cherish these memories that we continue to make :)

Until next year :)


  1. I am so glad I got to see Leah at the fair yesterday!!! I really enjoyed this post, Rachel. I can't get over her favorite blue comb!! Such a sweet baby. These pictures look great!!!!

  2. these pictures are wonderful! So glad y'all had a great trip!