Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letters to Leah: 6 Months

Dear LeLe,
This post has been sitting as a draft for a little over a month now. I'm actually currently working on your 7 month post, which I am also a little behind on. We've been so busy having fun this summer I haven't made the time to sit down and blog our little life adventures as much as I should. I've been sure to take lots of pictures, videos, and notes on my phone so I don't forget any milestones and updates before they make it on our little blog. I'm so thankful I do this because it makes me remember all the little details even if I haven't made the time to sit down and write it all out. At times I think I will just forget the blogging all together because I am just too busy having fun to sit down and blog, but then I remember how important it is for me to document all of these amazing memories with you. I've been working on turning the blog into a series of books, to serve as our family scrapbook, and it makes me smile when I go back through and realize all the memories we have documented for our family to look back on. That makes me so happy and motivates me to make time for blogging. I've been playing catch up and plan on posting some important posts that I've missed in the coming weeks. 

Okay, back to your 6 month post. These months are flying! I mean flying! I feel like I blink and you are a month older. This month you celebrated your half birthday on mama and daddy's 4 year wedding anniversary. The 20th is a special day for our little family!

Walking towards a future I never knew could be so amazing

We recently got home from our first vacation as a family of three, which was such a fun, relaxing, and unforgettable vacation. I'm planning on doing a vacation post with lots of pictures here soon. The picture at the top of the post is a shot from vacation. You were our little beach diva! Daddy also put together a sweet video of our first family vacation which I plan on posting this week!

Weight: 18 pounds 14 ounces (90th percentile)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (70th percentile)  
Head Circumfrence: 17 inches (80th percentile)

This month has been filled with so many milestones and lots of "growing up". By growing up, I mean you are growing out of the baby stage and turning into a little girl before our eyes. You are discovering the world around you and becoming more independent as the days go by. You are so fun and interactive these days and your little personality continues to unfold with each passing day. 

The biggest development this month is crawling! You aren't hands and knees crawling quite yet but you have the whole army crawl thing down! It was like you went from stationary to on the go overnight! You are constantly on the move now that you have discovered your new found skill. If you see something you want you make sure to get it! You are a determined little thing :)

Even at the ripe age of 6 months I can tell you love to learn. You love to grab, feel, and explore everything around you...and I mean everything!  Your mind is constantly working. You love to grab objects in front of you to see what they are and you are fascinated with cell phones and ipads. You still love mama and daddy's faces. You love to grab our noses, cheeks, and mama's hair. You love to feel all fabrics and textures. You love the feeling of the carpet, the couch, the wicker chair in our office, and the fabric on your rocker. 

This month we also celebrated daddy's first official Father's Day! The love you and your daddy share is indescribable. You have him wrapped around your little tiny finger and seeing you two together just melts mama's heart. He is the best daddy I could have ever hoped for and I think you are well aware of this too because there is no one you give a bigger smile to :)

You continue to love tummy time, especially now that you are crawling. However, you did spend little less time on your tummy and more time sitting this month. You love to sit and play with your toys. You sit pretty well but I still make sure to put the boppy behind you incase you get excited and lean back too fast and lose your balance. Speaking of toys, you love toys! You love playing with blocks, rattles, baby paper books (the kind that have a crinkle sound), and teething rings. You still like Baby Einstein but not quite as much as you did.

You are fascinated with buttons. You love keyboards, remotes, and anything you can push on. You have started to take to your exersaucer and bouncer. You don't really bounce yet but you love to play with all of the little colorful gadgets. You especially like the toy on the exersaucer that spins.

You are not a fan of the car. I'm not sure if it's the actual car ride or the carseat. Daddy and I are pretty sure it's the carseat. You don't like the feeling of being restrained and it frustrates you. We look back and you are trying so hard to sit all they way up and get upset when you can't. We hope this is just a stage that you grow out of because it breaks my heart {and my ear drums} to hear you cry the whole car ride. 

You are still a babbling machine. You love doing peek-a-boo and patty cake! I have the sweetest video of you doing peek-a-boo that I need to post.

You still love bath time. You are in size 3 diapers and wearing clothes from 6 months-12 months. You still have your beautiful blue eyes and your hair is still light brown. 

You are still a great eater and sleeper. This month we introduced you to solids, which has been so much fun! You love sitting in your high chair and eating with mama and daddy. You aren't a huge fan of bananas alone but love pretty much everything else you have tried. You don't mind bananas mixed in with other foods but you're not a huge fan of them alone. You love veggies just as much as fruit and I hope that continues as you get older. I'm excited to keep exploring new foods with you as you continue to get older!

This month we took you to our neighborhood pool for the first time. And? You LOVED it! A cute little tid-bit that I don't want to forget: We were headed to the pool with friends during the week while daddy was in class. This was your first time to the pool so I took the photo above of you in your swim suit before we left and sent it to daddy. As soon as he realized we were headed to the pool he left class and drove home so he wouldn't miss your first time in the pool. I couldn't help but smile and think that you have the best daddy in the world. We had the best afternoon.
Daddy also celebrated his 27th birthday this month and finished his third year of Dental School. Only one more year until daddy graduates!!! We sent him the photo below on his last day of class, which happened to fall on his birthday!

This month's firsts: 
1. Trying solids  
2. Father's Day
3. Army Crawling
5. First time in the pool
6. First time in your exer-saucer/jumper
7. First time in highchair

So here we are! Another beautiful month with you, baby girl! Daddy and I continue to love watching you grow, discover, and explore new things each month. We're making sure to soak up every minute because it goes fast.  We are excited to continue watching you grow and living this beautiful life with you.

We love you so much, LeLe. You bring us more joy and love to our life than we ever thought was possible. We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!

Mama and Daddy

Stay tuned for a new video of our first family trip to Florida!


  1. She is just getting so big and gorgeous!! her eyes are so beautiful! I cant believe that she is already starting to crawl!

    1. Aww thank you so much!!! You are so sweet :)

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