Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gender Reveal Video!!!

One of the Happiest Days

The day we found out Baby Wood's gender :)

I'm so grateful to have these short videos that perfectly capture our special and intimate moments of being pregnant with our first child. I'm so fortunate to have a creative husband that cherishes memories as much as I do. He is the one behind the magic of all our videos :)

Friday, July 20th 2012. This is a day I will never forget. I've started to notice that I've said this a lot lately. Being pregnant has been the most amazing experience and there are so many days that I never will forget. I hold days like these close to my heart. 

The day started off with us being excited, nervous, and anxious! You see we originally went in on Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 to find out the gender, however, our little one did not want to cooperate. She had her legs crossed the entire time and the ultrasound technician was unable to determine the gender, so we had to reschedule for Friday (3 days later). We were so bummed. We thought we were going to leave that ultrasound room knowing if we were going to be having a son or daughter. We also had a gender reveal party scheduled for that Sunday so I was worried we wouldn't know in time for the party. Come Friday we were so excited but also nervous that we would have the same experience we did on Tuesday. When we started the ultrasound the technician said to us that her legs were still crossed but he promised we wouldn't leave without knowing, so that put us more at ease :) About ten minutes later he was really quiet and focused. I knew he had seen something...and then he typed the most beautiful words on the screen:


I immediately started crying! David looked at me like "wait, what did I miss?" He couldn't read the small print on the screen across the room, so he wasn't sure what the technician had typed. As soon as I pointed and said "IT'S A GIRL!!!!" he immediately gave me a kiss and hug with excitement. It was the most exciting and overwhelming experience. We spent the rest of the day having lunch together and shopping for our little girl's first outfits! It couldn't have been a happier day :)

We had to keep the exciting news from our family and friends until our Gender Reveal Party that Sunday. It was torture, especially when your closest girlfriends are calling you every hour trying to get it out of you ;) It was definitely worth the wait though! If you happened to miss the post of our Gender Reveal Party just click the link below!

Gender Reveal Party!!!

The love we already have for you is indescribable. We are enjoying every moment of watching you grow and can't wait to meet and hold you :)


  1. I found your blog through your friend Aly.

    Congrats on your pregnancy and your little girl!! That video is SO moving and brought tears to my eyes!!! Can't wait to follow you blog! :)

  2. that was so so cute!! I love your blog & Im your newest follower...little girls are the best!