Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letters To Leah: 5 Months

Dear Leah,
Another month has come and gone and just like that you are five months old. I sit here and think how you can possibly be five months old? It just blows my mind. It feels like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. I can easily say these have been the best five months of my life. I thank God everyday that he chose me to be your mama. There is nothing I love more than being your mama and watching you grow, learn, and discover the world around you every single day. I am so thankful that I have a career that allows me to be home with you and not miss a single moment. I will never take that for granted.

5 Month Stats:
We didn't have a wellness appointment this month so these are according to our home scale and measuring tape. This past month you haven't put on much weight from last month but you have continued to just get longer and longer! 

Weight: 18 pounds
Height:  26 1/2 inches (you wouldn't stay too still, so I'm not sure how accurate this is)  

This month has been filled with so many milestones and lots of fun and laughter. This is the first month I have really felt like you are no longer my little newborn baby, but turning into a little girl right before my eyes. Your little personality continues to unfold with each passing day. You are even starting to get a little sass. It's so cute and I love it...I'm sure I won't be saying that when the teen years roll around ;) Even with the little bit of sass you still continue to be the sweetest little thing around!

Your biggest milestone this month has been your transition from our room to your room. You now have a bed time and sleep in your crib every night without any fuss. It took a good two days of coming in and comforting you but you quickly started to love being in your crib and having uninterrupted sleep. You now get cranky if you aren't in bed by your bedtime. I miss having you right beside me at night but I love that you are now on a good schedule. You sleep from 7:30 pm - 6:30 am. At 6:30 daddy gets you and brings you in our room where I feed you and you then fall back asleep for another three or so hours. Here is a picture of you the first morning after sleeping in your crib like a big girl...happy as a clam!

In your crib is where I discovered your other big milestone this month. One day after your nap I looked on the monitor and this is what I saw!

You rolled over! I always put you to sleep on your back and you managed to roll over during nap time. You are now a rolling machine! If I place you on your back you immediately roll to your stomach. Speaking of naps, you are now napping in your crib 1-2 times a day. If you nap once you usually sleep for two hours and if you nap twice they are both about an hour long. You usually take your first nap around 12:00 pm and your second around 4:00 pm. When we are out and about you will end up napping in your car seat or at friends/grandparent's houses in your pack and play. You are very flexible, you just like to be able to sleep at these times during the day.

More sweet moments caught on the monitor. Now that you have a
bedtime mama and daddy are able to have our quality time together at night, which mainly consists of talking about you :)

Daddy and I continue to love watching you grow, discover, and explore new things each month. You continue to love tummy time! I would say you are on your stomach 60% of the day You are so content on your stomach. You will stay on your stomach for up to an hour several times a day and play with your blocks/toys or watch Baby Einstein. 

Speaking of Baby Einstein, you still love those DVD's! I'm excited to keep introducing you to new ones as you get older. You no longer need your arms under you for support while doing tummy time. You now look like a little airplane with your arms at your side in mid air. You are pretty much over your swing. You will sit in it from time to time and play with the mobile above but you prefer it to not be moving. You also continue to love your bumbo! It has really helped you get the hang of sitting. On your 5th month (5.20.13) you sat in the tripod position on your own for a solid couple minutes before loosing your balance. I'm pretty sure you will have this whole sitting thing down soon! I'm excited to see you sit in the sand next month when we head to Florida. The bumbo has also made you discover your little feet! You will sit in your bumbo and reach down and play with your little toes. 

This month you have discovered mama and daddy's faces. You love to grab our noses, cheeks, and mama's hair. You love to grab anything that is in your sight. I have to be much more aware now of what is around because you will just grab something in a matter of seconds! When you sit on my lap at the computer you love to pull out the keyboard drawer and press on all the keys. You also love touching the iphone and ipad. You have also mastered holding your toy keys/rattles and shaking them as fast as you can.

This is the first month you have really started to notice the dogs. They will be in front of you and you will really focus on what they are doing. You look so fascinated with their every move. And the dogs? They continue to be very protective over you. I look forward to the day you can actually play and interact with them. 

You are still a babbling machine. You have also added in some screeching this month. That's where some of that sass comes in! Ha! Daddy and I always say that you sound like our little pterodactyl. You will just start screeching and will then flash a big smile once you get our attention ;)

You still love bath time. We can't wait to see you in the pool and ocean this summer. You are now in size 3 diapers and wearing clothes from 3 months - 6 months (sometimes bigger - just depends on the brand). You still have your beautiful blue eyes and your hair  continues to lighten. Right now it's a really light brown.

You continue to be a content baby. You are still a great eater and sleeper. We're still breastfeeding and it's going great! This month we also introduced you to baby oatmeal. We mixed it in with some of mama's milk to see what you thought. You weren't too sure what to think. You made some pretty funny faces! I'm looking forward to making your baby food in the coming months!

We continue to get out almost every day. We are both loving this beautiful spring weather! We have so much fun on our weekly lunch/play dates with your aunties (my girlfriends)! We have picnics at the park, go on play dates, go to the zoo, and have lots of walks. We also spend a lot of time at Aunt Andria's house this month! We blow up the inflatable pool and just hang out all day on the back deck with you and the boys. We are counting down the days until our neighborhood pool opens and we can take you in the baby pool. I can't wait to put you in your little swim suit!

Celebrating your Aunt Jenny and Aunt Tara's new houses!

You continue to love walks. I love our walks together and as a family. I used to daydream about pushing a stroller around the neighborhood before I was pregnant and it's everything I used to imagine and more. I love taking in the beautiful spring air while looking at your sweet smiling face as you take in all that is around you.

I also love running all my errands with you. Sure it's a lot more work and preparation but there is nothing I love more that having you as my little side kick. I love driving and looking back and seeing your little face smiling in your mirror :)

This month's firsts: 
1. First Time Trying Baby Oatmeal 
2. Rolling Over Back to Stomach (May 6th)
3. Mother's Day
4. Sleeping in your crib
5. Napping in your crib
6. Grabbing objects
7. Shaking your rattles/keys
8. First Bridal Shower

Cousin Rachel's Bridal Shower

I love this picture below. You and daddy made mama breakfast in bed and those are the beautiful roses you gave mama for Mother's Day.

So here we are! Another beautiful month with you, baby girl! We're making sure to soak up every minute because it goes fast. You teach us new things every day and there is nothing we love more than watching you grow, learn, and discover new things with each passing day. We are excited to continue watching you grow and living this beautiful life with you.

We love you so much, LeLe. You bring us more joy and love to our life than we ever thought was possible. We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!

Mama and Daddy

Letters to Leah: Four Months


Dear Leah,
I sit here and think how you can possibly be four months already? It's unbelievable how fast time flies when you're having fun! It has been a little over a year {4.17.12} since I saw that beautiful word "pregnant" read across that pregnancy test screen. I posted more about this in my last post: One Year. After eight months of trying for you, baby, there was simply no better sight. It was one of the happiest days of our life. You were so wanted.

Now here we are at four months! This month has been filled with so much fun and laughter. Your little personality continues to unfold right in front of our eyes. The most exciting thing this month would have to be hearing your little belly laugh, which I posted here. Daddy and I are convinced you have the cutest laugh ever! It gives us a glimpse of what your little voice will sound like and that makes me smile. Your Daddy continues to make you laugh the most. You will do little laughs for me, but something about that silly daddy of yours makes you bust into belly laughs. When he gets home from class you always flash him the biggest smile :) You also did one of your belly laughs for your Aunt Anne at brunch for grandpa's birthday. Daddy and I love to do silly things to try and hear that sweet laugh over and over again. There is simply no better sound :)

4 Month Stats:

4 Months: 17 pounds 1.5 ounces (97th percentile)
Two Months: 12 pounds 14.5 ounces 
One Month: 9 pounds 9 ounces
At Birth: 7 pounds 13 ounces

4 Months: 25 inches (75th percentile)
Two Months: 24 inches 
One Month: 21.75 inches
At Birth: 20 inches

Head Circumference: 
Four Months: 16.65 inches (82nd percentile)
Two Months: 16.02 inches 
One Month:  14.76 inches

You had another big growth spurt these past two months! You are a big baby just like your mama was! Your pediatrician thinks that in the next couple of months you will just continue to grow in length and stay at about the same weight. She said it's great to see mama's milk is making for one healthy baby girl ;)

Daddy and I continue to love watching you go through so many changes each month! You continue to love tummy time! You are so content on your stomach. This month we introduced you to the Baby Einstein DVD's that you got for Easter and you love them! You will watch the entire DVD while doing tummy time. This gives mama some extra time in the mornings to get things done around the house! This month you also learned to roll from your stomach to your back, which I have yet to get on video, but am working on it ;)

This month we introduced you to your Bumbo chair and you love it! You will sit in it for 30 + minutes at a time a couple times a day. You are now starting to grab for things. We will place your Sophie giraffe on your Bumbo tray and you will work really hard picking it up. You concentrate so hard to keep your grip and move it to your mouth. It's so cute watching that little brain of yours work so hard. We love watching you get stronger and stronger each week that passes.

You are still a babbling and cooing machine. I feel like you want to be able to talk and communicate with us so badly. I just can't wait to hear that little voice of yours when you mutter that first word.

You still love bath time. We are getting so excited to see you in the pool and ocean this summer! You are still using your swing at times.  You are still in size 2 diapers and wearing clothes from 3 months - 6 months.

I am obsessed with your little leg rolls, chubby little cheeks, little nose, chunky little feet, perfect little toes, and the little dimples on your elbows and hands! You still have your beautiful blue eyes and your hair is still light brown. 

You continue to be a content baby. You are still a great eater and sleeper. We're still breastfeeding great and you are still sleeping about 14 hours a night. You still continue to nap here and there throughout the day but you are now spending longer times awake, which I love!

We are starting to get out and about more now that you are older. Mama's not as nervous about germs and the weather is finally warming up! We have lunch dates with your aunties (my girlfriends) weekly, which is so much fun! We also have lots of play dates!

This month's firsts: 
1. Belly Laughs
2. Rolling Over (stomach to back)
3. Out in the Snow
4. Easter
5. Church Service
6. First Trip to the Zoo (posted here)
6. Watching Baby Einstein

This month your Auntie Kara (one of mama's best friends) got engaged to Uncle Scott (one of daddy's best friends)! Mama got asked to be her Matron of Honor and we both got to go with her to pick out her wedding dress. You loved seeing your Auntie Kara try on all the dresses and you made sure to let her know the one you liked. You smiled the most in the dress she ended up choosing! It was such a special day :)

So here we are, baby! Another wonderful month with you! We're making sure to soak up every minute because it goes fast. We love you so much, Leah. You bring us so much joy! 

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!

Mama and Daddy

Monday, May 20, 2013

First Official Mother's Day :)

My 1st official Mother's Day!
This Mother's Day :)

Last Mother's Day :)

This time last year we were celebrating the news of our pregnancy with our family and I was celebrating my "first" Mother's Day! I posted about that day here. It was such a special weekend that I will always hold close to my heart. Even though Leah wasn't here yet David made sure to make my "first" Mother's Day a special one. However, nothing compares to actually spending Mother's Day with my little bundle of joy by my side. Leah, I love you more than you will ever know and more than I will ever understand. Being your mama is the greatest joy of my life and I feel so blessed that God chose me to be your mama. I love you, baby girl! 

I Love You Through and Through

"i love you through and through... i love your top side. i love your bottom side. i love your inside and outside. i love your happy side, your sad side
your silly side, your mad side.

i love your fingers and toes, your ears and nose. i love your hair and eyes, your giggles and cries.

i love you running and walking
silent and talking

i love you through and through... yesterday, today and tomorrow too."