Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap!

{36 weeks} 

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and I am now 36 weeks! I wanted to be sure to get a Thanksgiving post in so I wouldn't forget this special weekend in my pregnancy. 
Although I am thankful everyday, I was especially thankful this Thanksgiving for a healthy pregnancy and our growing little family. I feel like my heart could explode when I think about the love I have for my husband and the little girl we will be welcoming into the world in just 4 short weeks! I could not be more thankful for this life God has given me.

Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving in New York with David's brother. It was the first time I had ever had Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant, which was a fun experience! We had a blast celebrating Thanksgiving in the Big Apple, but it was nice to be home this year with the entire family. Unfortunately, David's brother was unable to be at this year's Thanksgiving due to his busy school schedule. However, he will be home for Christmas and the arrival of his little niece, which we are all excited about! 

Thanksgiving this year was spent with both sides of our families. The topic of conversation this year revolved around little miss Leah and her upcoming arrival ;) Leah is the first grandchild on both sides, so to say there is excitement for her arrival would be an understatement. David's mom even went out to the baby stores at midnight on Thanksgiving to go Black Friday shopping for little miss Leah after all the cooking and festivities from the day/night...I wish I had that kind of energy again! 
My mama-in-law and all the yummy food from Thanksgiving! These are the only photos I got from Thanksgiving and they were on my point and shoot. I have been too exhausted lately to lug around my professional equipment.

Friday, we spent the entire day/night next to the fire putting up our ginormous tree, decorating the house, watching Christmas movies, and eating large amounts of Thanksgiving leftovers. What is more perfect than that? I am much more exhausted this trimester, so for me this was the perfect day spent with my hubby. I will be posting a Christmas decor home tour later this week!

Saturday, my hubby took me on a fancy date night to the Skyline Club where he wined water and dined me! We started off the evening by going to monument circle to see the tree (little did I know we would have an even better view once we actually got to dinner). After walking around the circle we headed to dinner and had a great evening laughing, talking, and eating entirely too much. 
View from our table!

Unfortunately, what was an amazing weekend turned pretty crummy around 3:00 am when I woke up feeling very sick. I spent all of Sunday sicker than a dog with what looked to be food poisoning. I'm so thankful for my husband who took such great care of me {and Leah}. He is the best caretaker. He made sure to take my temperature every 30 minutes to make sure my fever didn't spike and bought me all the gatorade and popsicles a girl could ask for ;) After a rough two days I was finally back to myself on Tuesday. {thank goodness!}

Despite the food poisoning from the restaurant, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend. It was filled with family, food, and great memories :)   

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend as well!

{We also celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends at our Annual Friendsgiving Dinner! If you missed that post you can check it out here}

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