Monday, April 8, 2013

Letters to Leah: Three Months


Dear Leah,
This month has been filled with so many smiles and laughs. Your little personality is starting to unfold right in front of our eyes. Daddy and I have loved watching you grow, discover, and explore new things this month. Each day you are getting stronger and mastering a new skill. Each day I think being your mommy can't possibly get any better than it already is, but it always does! Each day gets better and better! I still can't believe you are ours. I thank God everyday for you. I've said it before and will say it have completed our life in a way that is indescribable. It's amazing how much love you have added to a home that was already filled with so much love. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to us, baby.

I have no new stats this month because we do not see your pediatrician again until next month. However, you are continuing to grow like a weed! It's hard to believe you used to be inside my belly! I just love your little leg rolls, chubby little cheeks, little nose, and chunky little feet! You still have your beautiful blue eyes and your hair is still light brown. 

You smile all the time and it's simply the best thing ever. Daddy and I can't get enough of those little smiles. You still love when we talk to you. You just smile away :) On March 14th, you laughed for the first time. It was just a little laugh but a sweet glimpse of what is to come! 

You now love tummy time! Whenever you are a little fussy I just put you on your belly and you are as happy as can be! You will stay on your tummy with your head raised and just hang out. It's adorable. 

You continue to love bath time. You just love the water so we are really excited to see you in the pool and ocean this summer! We rarely swaddle you anymore. You are slowly starting to grow out of loving your MamaRoo (swing). You still like to sit in there sometimes and stare and babble to the mobile above, but you much prefer tummy time, laying on a blanket, laying in your car seat, and especially laying in mama or daddy's arms. You are now in size 2 diapers and wearing clothes from 3 months - 6 months.

Speaking of babbling, you are a babbling and cooing machine! People tell us that you will probably be an early talker with how much you love to babble. I absolutely love hearing you babble and getting a glimpse of your little voice! 

You continue to be a content little thing. You are still a great eater and a great sleeper. We're still breastfeeding great and you are still sleeping about 14 hours a night with two short feedings in between. You still continue to nap here and there throughout the day but you are now spending longer times awake, which I love! 

We are starting to get out and about more now that you are older. Mama's not as nervous about germs! We have lunch dates with your aunties (my girlfriends) weekly, which is so much fun! I'm getting so excited for the warmer weather when we can eat outside!

This month's firsts: 
1. First Short Laugh
2. First Trip to the Mall

3. First St. Patrick's Day

So here we are! Another beautiful month with you, sweet girl. I'm making sure to soak up every minute because it goes fast. You teach us new things every day and there is nothing we love more than watching you grow, learn, and discover new things with each passing day. We are excited to continue watching you grow and living this beautiful life with you.

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl!

Mama and Daddy

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